Одесса, 65014, Украина
ул. Успенская 39, Бизнес-центр «Жозефина»
тел.: +38 048 780 0939
тел.: +38 048 705 1622
факс: +38 048 780 0937
e-mail: sales@transocean.com.ua

Trans-Ocean Express – general agent of the shipping line (www.yangming.com) in Ukraine.The line is in the top 20 world container carriers.

Our company is a leader in the field of multimodal transport through the largest ports of Ukraine – Ilyichevsk and Odessa, and delivers the goods to Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and others. Country.

Trans-Ocean Express – it is always a reliable service at a competitive price. We offer clients a full range of services in international traffic online. We perfectly know the market and react quickly to its changes, offering our customers the best.

Profile Trans-Ocean Express:

2001 – opening of the company
2001 – signing contracts with Odessa and Ilyichevsk Commercial Sea Port
2002 – General forwarding agent for ТМ LG, Samsung, Beko
2002-2003 – Top 3 in terms of freight forwarding in Ukraine
2003 – the opening of its own fleet, comprising 150 modern trucks ТМ Volvo, Freightliner
2004 – Company nominated general agent of the shipping line   in Ukraine
2007 – opening a new direct service line  from Asia to Ilichevsk
2010 – move to their own office.
2012 – Update service ABX larger capacity vessels (5500 TEUs)
2017 – Open of the service in the port of Odessa